Pay Per Click Services

Pay Per Click(PPC) Advertising Services India

We offer PPC (pay per click) advertising as well as PPC management services devised by expert PPC campaign management professionals. According to our philosophy, success in PPC to a great level can be accomplished by implementing a particular set of principles and techniques of search engine.

Keeping in mind this methodology, our PPC bidding management services are meticulously designed separetely for all the leading search engines. Involving individual procedural guidelines, our services undertake PPC advertising in all major search engines.

Pay Per Click (PPC) management methodology

Our PPC management methodology is regularly meliorated to ensure good ROI. It embraces the following elements:

  1. Effective Strategy: Well begun is half done: To develop a structure of potent strategies, we initiate with the contemplation of research and analysis process of the client's domains. This elucidates the actual task to be done to satisfy the client's requirement.
  2. Continuous Keyword Research: Keywords work as the lifeblood for a website.
    they are the major revenue generators as apposite keyword usage brings more business. We know how to play with keywords to make your website business-friendly.
  3. Prudent Bid Management: Instead of bidding high, keyword bidding is concerned with bidding right. We keep revising the bids on regular basis in order to check profligate use of the marketing spend.
  4. Cogent Ad Text Creation: This concept is related to the creation of a catchy Ad text to facilitate a click in the limited space available. Our professional team makes it happen through innovative ideas.
  5. Effective Landing Page: Our impactful services help in the evolution of an effective landing page with 'Call to Action' features. It assures that visitors perform the desired action.
  6. Research & Analysis: The key performance metrics is constantly analysed, which helps in understanding the effectivity of PPC campaign. Furthermore, it enables the delivery of positive ROI. Our PPC process begins with an in-depth website and competitor analysis blended with full-fledged research.
  7. Manual PPC Campaign Management: The complete PPC management process is operated manually. Whether the job is to research keywords or to manage the bid, everything is pursued in manual way.
  8. Implementation: In this step, the keyword bid strategy is executed where bids are organised for the selected keywords. Meanwhile, regular bid monitoring as well as revival of the selecting keywords are also undertaken here.
  9. Monitoring and Tracking: We consider scientific tools and techniques to supervise and track the performance of key campaign metrics at micro as well as macro level.
  10. Periodic Reporting: We guarantee the compilation of the campaign's key performance indicators (KPI) into a report to be sent to the client.
  11. Testing and Continuous Refinement: A/B (split) and mmultivariate testing is used along with proprietory testing tools to regularly polish the campaign. This process helps in generating maximum return on your investment.

PPC Management Services in a nutshell

Compassing the whole range of PPC marketing, our PPC advertising services lay special stress on sponsored and content page advertising as offered by Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Having an in-house group of expert PPC management professionals, we commit for good return on investments to our clients. Moreover, we strive to fulfill all their PPC marketing targets. Using unique and time-proven methodology, our devoted paid search marketing team smoothly manages the entire work procedure.