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Website Speed for Digital Marketing

Google has indicated that Site Speed is an important factor for the ranking of the pages. Apart from the other factors that signal the rank, the algorithm weighs the Site Speed to priority.

But before we start with this discussion, let us first know what exactly Site Speed is? Site Speed is a measure of how quickly a user can see and interact with the content available on the website.

The purpose of Digital Marketing revolves around these factors, a higher ranking promises a higher visitor rate and conversions. Site Speed plays a crucial role in user experience, the longer a page/website takes to load is directly proportional to higher bounce rate and lowers average time on the page. This surely is a crucial factor for the overall digital marketing strategies and online presence.

Let us have a deeper look on how Site Speed impacts various digital platforms:

SEO Ranking : Due to Google’s mobile-first ranking index, site speed is an important ranking factor for mobile pages. Site Speed may vary based on the type and industry of the website but 3 to 4 seconds is said to be a reasonable load time. Lesser load time is a sign of a higher SEO ranking and organic traffic.

User Experience and Conversion : Site speed plays a direct role in User Experience, which as a result impacts the SEO, paid search, social presence etc. A slow website will ultimately attract low conversion rate, high bounce rate and lower page views. Site speed is crucial; else it leaves the clients frustrated and leaves the website.

Paid Search : The quality of your website also impacts the Paid Searches, better the score, higher the rank of your website on the Search Results. In the case of Paid media, Google evaluates the quality of how it lands on the website from the search keywords.

Social Media Ads : Social media websites favour a higher site speed while prioritizing the Advertisements. Their newly updated algorithms prioritize user experience based on Site Speed.

So, now you must have understood how vital a fast site speed is to your business and overall business; it affects the digital channels, user experience, conversions etc. We can’t stress enough on this fact; therefore here are some benchmarks for your Site Speed:

1. The first and foremost step is to find out how the pages are performing currently. This process involves running an automated analysis of your website URL and will give insight with areas of improvement. Now this report can be used as a baseline to optimize the website.

2. In addition to optimizing your website, access overall website User Experience. Reach out to various metrics that let you understand the end-user perspective. These design element changes along with optimizing the website will drive traffic and conversions.

To dive into the depth of how to improve your website Speed, it is important to eliminate the unnecessary elements. They could be factors that are slowing down your page load time. Here are some of the ways on how you can efficiently optimize your website:

  1. Utilize multi-region hosting, this will improve the server response time
  2. Mobile rendering time should be decreased by using compressed versions of the files
  3. Minimize the existence of redirects for landing pages, plugins and short links.
  4. Remove all the JavaScript that may block the rendering process
  5. To reach the audience quickly, reach out to high-quality content delivery networks
  6. Avoid redundancy in the data to analysing its impact on the processing by the browser
  7. Images should be optimized to reduce the file size without hampering the visual quality
  8. Visualize the content well by reducing the font sizes.
  9. Concentrate on rendering time using asynchronous scripts
  10. For slower connection devices, adjust the content dynamically

Lastly, we can state that there are many reasons for why is website Speed Important for SEO and Digital Marketing and it should be analysed well and worked on for better health of the website.

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