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Best Dedicated Server hosting in India

E2WebServices offers dedicated server solutions at highly economical rates

Dedicated Server

If your website receives high traffic, you need dedicated server hosting for smooth operations. This allows you to customize the server environment as per you like. You also get maximum security that a shared server option can’t offer. Trust E2WebServices for the most secure, economical, and flexible solutions.

You will need dedicated server if:

  • The traffic on your website is increasing almost every day
  • Your website is prone to cyber attacks
  • You want to speed up your website
  • You require complete control over your server

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High Performance and Reliable Hosting Solutions

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We at E2webservices Provide Fast and Reliable Hosting solutions to fit any purpose and budget

Get these benefits with our dedicated server hosting in India:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A physical server that is assigned only to a single or for a single website/web application is known as a dedicated server.
  • You get full access privileges to the dedicated server. No other websites or web applications use the resources of your server. This means the performance of your server remains unaffected. You get complete control of each software application via full administrator access.
  • Yes, you will receive Cpanel with your dedicated servers. When you purchase our solutions, we will install and configure the control panel on the server for you.
  • Yes, our experts will assist you in migrating your server without any hassle.
  • It’s a form of hosting in which you leave the server and network management and maintenance to us. We will ensure everything on your website works smoothly without interruptions. You can put your focus on your business activities, knowing that the experts are taking care of your servers.
  • The companies managing huge amounts of data require dedicated servers. Specifically the mid and large-sized firms that have large supply chain infra, multiple ecommerce transactions every hour, and big databases.
  • Yes, it is one of the safest forms of hosting out there. We also provide you with the servers that are 100% free of online attacks.

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