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Number of mobile internet users are going to be almost double and the mobile web revolution is all set to come. Industries like travel, business and entertainment are getting potential benefit from the internet mobile search. Mobile search technology in its infancy comprises a lot of possibilities for future. Optimizing websites for mobile browsers now, can put your site ahead of your competitors; providing an incredible profit.

Mobile Phone SEO verses Regular SEO

Search engine optimization for mobile phones and handheld gadgets is not very different from regular SEO. The most important aspect or priority of mobile SEO is ensuring that mobile web browsers can view your website correctly on their wireless device with complete details. Making the content short and relevant with short titles is the biggest challenge for the mobile SEO.

Mobile phone based websites Search Engine Optimization

Due to limited screen size on the mobile phones, websites should be optimized in order to be rendered by the search engine spiders. Websites should adhere strictly to website accessibility guidelines, as set out by the W3C. As mobile handsets use WAP technology to browse the Internet, websites must be designed so that the layout without images looks professional and is easy to use. Pages should be revised thoroughly as to ensure the smooth scrolling.

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For optimizing mobile websites we make sure to:

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  • Optimize for keywords and short phrases
  • Make sure there are keywords in title tag, H1 tags, H2's and in the content itself
  • Use keyword rich anchor text for internal links.
  • Use external style sheets and JavaScript
  • Use separate CSS files for mobile and on screen rendering.
  • Use %s for sizes instead of pixels as it will help ensure things scale down.
  • Hide items in the mobile CSS or re-arrange an item to ensure that content isn’t pushed to far down the mobile page.
  • Submission of mobile sites to mobile search engines.

Our Mobile Website Optimization Services Include

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  • Mobile Website analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Mobile website design
  • Mobile website development
  • Mobile search engine optimization
  • Accessibility on multiple mobile comparability
  • Mobile Browser Compatibility
  • Compatibility on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian and other mobile and tablet devices
  • Multilingual mobile website optimization

E2webservices as a Mobile SEO Services Provider

E2webservices is a market leader in SEO services and ready to cope with the cutting edge technologies emerging in the internet industry. E2webservices Pulse is always a step ahead launching new technologies in the SEO market of India. Now we are here to ensure your websites compatibility with mobile/smart phone browsers. We have a proven track record of mobile web site designing and optimizing them to enjoy top ranking on mobile web searches

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