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30 Days SEO Action Plan

Have you ever wondered that despite you being an amazing digital marketer and having been providing relevant information but still nobody is visiting your webpage? How can a piece of writing be deemed satisfactory or outstanding if no one reads it? Just like for a product write marketing is important to make people aware of your offering, to make your content accessible to a wider audience following best SEO practices is crucial. To help you out, we have accumulated strategies that are going to boost your content in just 30 days. This step-by-step guide is a time-tested must-do that SEO experts or content marketers should make a note of.

Start With Keywords – This is the basic of SEO. The right selection of keywords can tell you what to write, what your targets are searching for and how to frame your article while making it SEO-friendly.

Start with writing obvious keywords for your content, look at what your competitors are targeting, check for spellings, synonyms, merged words, hyphenated words, singular/plural, geo-specific terms and competing words. These all seem insignificant now but these small things go a long way. For instance, the search volume on the word ‘books’ is far more than ‘book’ so why go for less when you can easily target more with just a little research.

Use Google Keyword Planner, Bing Keyword Planner or other commercial tools to know which keyword has more volume. Apart from this, you should know where to use keywords except for content like URLs, title tags, heading tags, description tags, IMG tags and more.

keyword analysis

Learn To Analyze – Before starting with creating strategies, sign up for Google Search Console and Google Analytics. This will give you a complete understanding of who is visiting your website, which keyword is bringing them to your page, demography of your audience, etc. This wealth of information is extremely important because you can’t just write and relax, you need to analyze regularly so that you can optimize your content as required. It is a great tool to increase organic search visibility.

search console


Create a Profile on GMB – To better your reach, set up a ‘Google My Listing’ account, if you are serving customers at a physical location. This step is vital to come in the local search result and drive engagement across Google Search and Maps.

Google My Business

Identify Your Competitors – It is a piece of cake to know who your competitors are. Just search for keywords that you are planning to target or your offerings and the results that are common to your search will be your possible competitors. This is beneficial as if they are coming on top, their websites contain the best SEO practices. You can make a note of what keywords they are targeting, meta data, link profile, citations and their content.


Page Title & Meta Description – After analyzing, conducting research pay attention to your tags. There should be just one H1 Tag on your page. Search engines give a little more attention to text inside heading tags. Therefore, add a keyword in your H1 tag while making it relevant. Do note that search engines are smart enough to understand if you have just stuffed a keyword in your heading so make it look like it is required and describes the content of your webpage.

Meta descriptions are the face of your content because that’s what a user will see while searching. Give as much attention to meta descriptions as you have given to your content and describe what is there in your content in the character limit provided. Also, don’t forget to put keywords in your descriptions to bring it in the ranking.


Website, Content and Link Audits – There could be many technical issues with your website that you might not understand but a web developer or an audit tool can resolve. Hence, it is always good to seek help from an expert to keep your website up and running.

While it is essential to update your website by delivering fresh content regularly, it is pertinent to check the content that is already there on your website. Since the old content can be a reason for poor ranking as it is not SEO-friendly. Check whether all the content on your page has optimum keyword density, targeting the right keywords and will provide a good user experience.

The new links on your website will only be effective if there are no low-quality backlinks or de-indexation on your website. Links are important for search engines, which makes them important for you so check for anchor text ratio, link juice is being passed, and analyze how much each link is helping or hurting your SEO.


Check the Speed – While it is a small step, it is essential. Most web users don’t even stay for 10 seconds if the page does not load. Besides, it is important for Google too. So, choose among the many commercial tools available to scan your website or you can hire a developer if there are coding issues.

website speed test

Ensure to check each point from the to-do list and see the difference in your search ranking.