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Digital Marketing Companies Are Using AI in Growth Marketing

Did you know that around 54% of companies had utilized the power of generative AI in their business by November 2023? [Source: PWC]

Statistics like these prove that artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay and evolve – at least in the professional world. And its adoption is seen in almost every department and industry. But it’s the area of growth marketing where this tech has seen one of the widespread applications. Just ask any marketer, and you’ll know it is vital in the daily marketing processes. Before delving into the benefits and applications of AI in this area, let’s first understand what exactly growth marketing is. 

In simple words, it’s a strategy that the brands use to achieve rapid business growth by testing methods and identifying the most effective ones. It relies on experimentation and is data-driven as opposed to traditional marketing, which simply revolves around driving brand awareness. 

Some strategies the marketers use include analytics, optimization, and A/B testing. It’s the blend of these strategies that allows the brands to identify effective ways to engage their target customers. 

Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence for Growth Marketing

Now that we’ve learned the basics, let’s shed light on the benefits of AI in marketing. 

1. Automation of Repetitive Tasks:

In a regular scenario, tasks like email marketing, data analysis, and ad optimization consume a lot of time of the marketers. That’s where artificial intelligence appears as a time saver. Many AI tools allow professionals to automate all such tasks. They, as a result, can focus more on building better strategies and deriving useful insights from the available data. 

2. Better Content Quality:

The artificial intelligence engineers feed tons of data to AI tools. The tools, therefore, know what works with what type of market. You can use the tools to improve the quality of every content form, be it images, videos, articles, or anything else. Just ensure you’re using the right solution. It’s also possible to check the quality and effectiveness of your content through some cutting-edge tools. 

3. Better Customer Insights:

It’s now possible to share customer data as input in some AI tools to generate meaningful insights in no time. You will come to know about the preferences, behavior, and pain points of your consumers with just a few taps. Using this information, it’s possible to create marketing strategies that resonate with your customers. 

4. Optimization of Campaigns:

Many brands and even marketing agencies struggle with the optimization of email and Google Ad campaigns. Such challenges not only waste a lot of money but often lead to poor results. Thanks to AI-powered solutions, it’s possible to optimize all your marketing efforts. You can adjust your poorly performing campaigns and scale up the ones delivering desired results. 

Applications of AI in Marketing

Now, let’s focus on different use cases. In this section, you will also come to know some essential tools to help your growth marketing strategies. 

1. Predictive Analytics

A good marketer uses their gut feeling to identify their customer’s needs. A great marketer goes a mile ahead and also depends on predictive analytics. This form of analysis allows a brand to predict what a customer wants. 

With the help of AI, you can analyze your customers’ data more effectively. Doing so allows you to get a clearer picture of their expectations and needs. 

2. AI Tool: Alteryx:

Already used by top brands like Coca-Cola and McLaren, this tool lets you design predictive models without any complex stats or coding. You can predict future trends and revamp your campaigns accordingly. Many brands have minimized their costs and improved effectiveness related to each step of analytics, be it blending, reporting, or data preparation. 

3. Efficient ad campaigns

It’s possible to create highly targeted ad campaigns by identifying gender, location, age, behavior, and interests. Artificial intelligence can also allow you to determine the right ad placements to get maximum clicks and conversions. 

Now, you can identify the optimal amounts with the support of AI. A good tool will examine conversion rates and ad spending to help you re-adjust your campaigns. By researching such solutions, you will understand the role of AI in digital marketing, specifically and growth marketing in general. 

4. AI Tool: Albert

One of the market leaders in paid digital campaign solutions, Albert blends artificial intelligence with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). You can rely on this tool for handling every aspect of your campaign. Albert allocates ad budget, optimizes keywords and channels, and delivers in-depth and creative insights. 

As a result, you get the bang for every penny spent online. This solution offers insights and recommendations around campaign adjustments, audience performance, creative performance, and many other parameters. 

5. Enhanced Content Creation

Thanks to tools like ChatGPT, everyone can now create content in a few minutes. This is both a good and a bad thing. Good thing because you don’t need to be a creative professional or do intensive research to generate content. 

Bad thing because the internet is now flooded with mediocre content pieces that don’t add value. That’s why growth marketers have discovered a middle ground. They are leveraging the power of both creative content professionals and AI tools to enhance the speed and quality of the content.

Using the right tools and entering the right prompts, you can get superior-quality ad copy, blog posts, videos, and images. Of course, it will involve human intervention for the best results. 

AI Tools: We will talk about a tool for all major types of content pieces.

  1. Jasper AI (for copywriting): The best part about Jasper AI is that you can feed your style guide or content to get the content accordingly. Use it to generate copy for sales emails, website copy, and social media posts.
  2. Surfer SEO (for SEO content writing): After you’ve written your SEO content, this tool examines and scores your content. It analyzes factors like readability, word count, keyword density, etc. 
  3. Picsart (for image generation): By adding a detailed text description to this image generator, you can get vibrant images. You can edit the output by trying effects or filters or adding text to your image. 
  4. Synthesia (For video generation): It is one of the easiest tools out there for video generation. And it’s FREE! Its video editor allows you to edit your footage with just basic English commands.

6. Smart Website Search 

Installing a smart website search is like hiring a salesman for your website. This tech allows site visitors to easily and quickly find what they’re searching for on a portal. Smart search is different from traditional search, as the latter relies only on keyword matching.

A smart search solution learns the meaning & context behind a user query through natural language processing and machine learning. As a result, the search suggestions and results are more accurate. 

7. AI Tool: Smart Search by Senseforth

This powerful solution speeds up the process of discovering relevant information by up to 80 percent. A popular feature of this tool is that it modifies the interface to show images, videos, and other rich media. The users can further enhance the user experience by integrating chatbots with smart search. Plus, guided user journeys also appear in the search suggestions, making it faster for the users to reach the desired page. 

8. Future of AI in growth marketing:

As per a recent survey by MailChimp, 50% of marketers feel inadequate adoption of AI holds them back from reaching their marketing goals. The ongoing advancements in this realm hint that this number will grow further. And the companies who won’t integrate AI tech in their growth marketing strategies will lag.

It is, therefore, crucial to stay abreast of new developments in this domain. In case you’re planning to hire a marketing agency, ensure they’re well-versed with new-age AI tools for growth marketing. Ask for which processes they use online AI solutions.

It’s always better to get some case studies for a better understanding of their services. That said, make sure they don’t completely depend on such solutions for content creation. Hire an agency that has a perfect mix of marketers, content creators, designers, and AI experts. Only then, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve! 

Choose an Agency That Uses AI in Digital Marketing.

When an online business searches for a digital marketing agency, they often look for experience, expertise, and feedback from past customers. But things have changed now. It’s equally important to ensure the agency you’re thinking about uses AI marketing to grow your business. 

You can expect data-driven and quicker results. An advantage of hiring such agencies is that they will not charge an enormous fee for their services. After all, they will require less manpower to deliver better outcomes. And, of course, you get to enjoy all the advantages of AI and applications of AI that are used in digital marketing, as we’ve discussed above. 

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