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quora marketing

Ever since Google rolled out the “Rank Brain” update, the rules of search engine marketing have changed. Now, businesses that have thought leadership and expertise on a topic are ranked higher on search queries.

So, what better way is there to establish yourself as an expert in a field than on a platform specifically made for this? Enters Quora. Now, you must be wondering, “Hmm, isn’t Quora dead now with insignificant content there?”

If it were any other content marketing services in India, they would have said no. But we know better. Quora is not dead. See, finding the right questions and spaces on Quora takes time and patience. Spammers are everywhere, on Quora and everywhere else. But that doesn’t mean that we should ignore the meaningful community too because of them.

Ahem, so, back to the topic in discussion. Is Quora a good platform to generate leads and engagements? Yes, it is. How? Let us discuss.

Search Engine Marketing Through Quora

The idea is simple – people ask questions and people answer. And where does marketing come into play? It is a subtle game. It is about awareness.

Here is an example. If you are selling a new kind of night light that automatically turns off when it senses your relaxed breathing while sleeping, you want people to know you, right? All content marketing services in India will tell you that a consumer cannot buy from you unless they know who you are, who your brand is, and what are you selling.

Now, if you are thinking about generating traffic and leads through Quora, you’re not the only one thinking that. And you are not the only one confused by that. So, allow us to explain quickly why generating traffic from Quora is a good idea.

The Love Affair – Quora & Website Traffic

Being the good boy (read good content marketing services in India) that we are, here are three reasons why generating traffic from Quora is a good idea –

website traffic

1. Communicate directly with customers

Let us continue our previous example only – the night light one. So, if you are a business, who is your target audience? Probably someone afraid of the dark, those who sleep with their nightlight on, the people who are concerned about the environment and do not want to keep a light on for the whole night unnecessarily.

Anyway, the point is, effective search engine marketing means telling these people that you are out there offering them a product that can put an end to their misery. How? By telling them. Quora allows you to do that. By answering people’s questions and telling them how you can make their life better, you are communicating with them directly.

2. Conversation

Analytics report that Quora has over 300 million monthly users and young adults spend 2X more time on Quora than they spend on LinkedIn. So, it is more of a conversation-type space than a simple content-sharing platform.

And people love to share their knowledge. There are not many content marketing services in India that realize the true potential of this platform. But by creating a conversation and answering people’s doubts, you can generate thousands of organic views without any promotion.

What is the key to success? Consistency, quality, value, and quality. Yes, it is that simple.

3. Brand awareness

It is said that people like to do business with those who they know. So, a person who has never heard about your company or your product, how can we expect them to purchase from you. This is where good content marketing services in India separate brands from businesses.

When you start answering people’s queries, tell them things that actually help them solve a problem, and subtly let them know why you are the expert in providing the solution, they will start knowing you.

When you share consistent tips with them, they will get to know you. And once they get to know you and your advice works, they will start liking you. And then, the circle of search engine marketing completes when they purchase from you.


Generating organic website traffic is tough. It has become even more difficult when we can no longer stuff keywords in a page and voila, it would rank. Umm, not anymore. But Quora is a powerful platform. When utilized properly, it can surely drive significant traffic to your website and affirm your status as the thought leader in the said field. For more information on an actionable search engine marketing strategy for Quora, get in touch with our marketing experts.