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Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes website and server optimization for search engines to better understand what’s there on your page resulting in higher search rankings. It assists search engines in crawling and indexing with which your page can be above the ladder.

According to Moz, as much as 71% of traffic goes to the first page in Google search results and it can go as high as 92% while the second page only gets 6% of traffic. This implies that not only your content should be of the highest quality but also your technical SEO game should be on point.

Google and other search engines have created certain parameters to rank web pages. First, they have to understand what the page is about to give users the most relevant information to their query. To know what content is available on a page, search engines require web pages to have certain technical SEO characteristics. Learn about these characteristics and benefits in this article to get the best SEO service.


In 2014, Google said it wants to see, “HTTPS everywhere.” Secure Socket Layer (SSL) creates an encrypted link between a web server and browser, which can be seen in a website’s URL as ‘HTTPS’ instead of ‘HTTP’. The sites with SSL are given preference over the non-secure ones.


Make a Mobile-Friendly Website

Google follows the ‘mobile-first approach and having a responsive site design can significantly increase your website ranking. A responsive site design automatically adjusts to every screen and your users can visit your site from any device, therefore, it is beneficial to have a mobile-friendly site not only to improve search ranking but also to give a better user experience.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can create credibility issues for your website resulting in a lower ranking. Ensure that you do not copy content and prevent your CMS from publishing multiple versions of a page. Also, if you are using duplicate content, then use a canonical tag as it helps the search engines recognize where the original content is available.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Check Your Website’s Speed

Google has listed out several ways through which you can increase your website’s speed. Search engines prefer sites that load quickly and that’s why speed is touted as an important ranking factor. You can choose a fast hosting platform, DNS, one CSS stylesheet, compress web pages and other channels to amplify speed.

Website Speed TestCreate a Sitemap

It is preferable to create an XML sitemap as that helps search engines to crawl your website. It works as a roadmap for search engines since they get to know where every page is. Apart from this, it also informs search engines of the updated content, the frequency of updates and page ranking within the website.

XML Sitemap

Add Structured Data Markup

It helps search engines to better understand the content on a page and index your website better. With structured data markups, you can add rich snippets that provide extra information in meta tags like product ratings, price, etc.

Structured Data Markup

Enable AMP

It decreases the time taken by a page to load on a mobile device. It is a Google-based project launched to speed up the loading of content on your mobile device. It decreases the size of the page by removing forms, scripts and comments, among others. This assists in accessing pages and sharing them with other users.


Benefits of Technical SEO

If your technical SEO is in place, then your pages will be interpreted, indexed and crawled faster. With paid searches, close to 51% of internet users reach organic searches and you can bring this audience to your site by just ensuring a few key points. It helps in controlling your on-page technical SEO game. Not only is it beneficial in improving search ranking but also in making it user-friendly. And you know it well that users will come back to a user-friendly and engaging page again and again. Keep a note of the above points and boost your search rankings.