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Payment Gateway Integration Services

There are numerous different payment gateways that the Indiana merchants prefer to use, but the preferred one is the ICICI Payseal Payment Gateway. The integration of this gateway has many different benefits and here are some examples:

  • This is the only payment gateway that allows the use of Maestro cards online
  • Both net banking and the payment gateway can be had on a single SLL page.
  • This is a multiple bank EMI platform through a single link. There are currently 5 different banks available, including HSBC, Kotak Axis, SCB and ICICI.
  • Highest success rate throughout all of the different options.
  • BIN based acquisition options, which means you can choose whether or not to accept international credit cards.
  • There is a help desk open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • There are 26 different banks that can be used through net banking.
  • Coverage of over 98% of the net banking transactions.
  • Best success rates, which is because the architectural design ensures the success through all of the various players.
  • For any failed transactions you will get a complete, full detailed description on the reasons behind the failure and any ratios.
  • You can use this to initiate any required online refunds through the merchant side of the interface.
  • Our company is a technology provider and we offer various ICICI Payseal payment gateway services such as integration for all your non eCommerce and Commerce websites so that your customers can easily pay for the products online. Our team that does the integration is familiar with the various and most frequently used web technologies and CMSs.

We can integrate the payment gateway into a wide variety of different sites, including CodeIgeniter, Laravel, Symfony, Magneto, Joomla, mobile application APIs, PHP and WordPress. Our company has many different experienced and skilled developers that have plenty of experience with the integration of this payment gateway in many different websites.

There are a few simple steps that are required to integrate this payment gateway on your website:

Simple steps to integrate ICICI PaySeal on your site:

Create your own merchant account with ICICI
Make sure to get your merchant ID along with the key and up to date SDK from ICICI
Forward the required information to us and we will make sure that everything works properly until your website is able to start processing and receiving the payments
During the integration process, we might need their support in order to verify the integration

Along with the payment gateway integration, we also provides complete website development services for your business.