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Advanced SEO Techniques

Are you on a lookout for more traffic on your website from Google? Well, you have landed at the right place. Here are some proven strategies that are working great results.

In case your website attracts most of its traffic from Google or other search engines, embed these actionable SEO techniques for your website. Some of these may work better than the others, so you can decide accordingly.

Improve the organic CTR (Click through Rate): The search engines want to see how much people love your page by clicking on your site link from the search results. The latest algorithm of Google treats such pages with higher ranks and the opposite is dropped like a stone. Some researches show that titles with numbers are more likely to receive more clicks. Therefore include numbers in your content’s title to improve the organic CTR.

Analyze your website’s Bounce rate: You would want to engage with your customers, so they spend more time on your site. A higher Bounce rate is a signal to the search engines for bad user experience. Analyze your website for a better Bounce rate and for searchers to stay longer on the page to rank the site on the top. An attractive introduction also does wonders to push people to click and visit your page.

Be mindful about the use of Keyword: Using the right Keywords is very important to show up on the search results. There are various tools available for the same or else scan your competition's keywords. Finding the exact keywords used by them to rank solves the purpose. You are using reverse engineering from the websites that know what they are doing.

Re-launch your content: As surprising this may sound, but updating the old content and upgrading it may have refreshing results. This has been proved that this technique increases the organic traffic to the page. Just follow the process by promoting this new content using emails or social media.

Use compelling Title and Description tags: It is no secret that a compelling Title and Description tag gets more clicks. The best way to do so is to search the web for the same and notice the keywords used by the Ads. They are a result of following the best trends, so you can imbibe the same for your page.

Make your content Shareable: It is a proven fact that without sharing content or back-links you are not going to be ranked well on the search engines. Quality content is the foundation followed by a good set of promotions. Some points to be taken care to make your content shareable are short URLs, Share Buttons, on- page SEO etc.

Monitor the search engine crawling: Firstly check if the search engine is not blocking your website to be indexed. Check for any set of codes on your website that stops the crawling process. Secondly, check for any broken links; internal or external using various online and offline tools available.

Create a Mobile-friendly website: The latest trends have shown that a percentage of people are searching on their mobile devices. Therefore it becomes very important for your website to be mobile-friendly. Ignoring mobile traffic means losing out a huge number of visitors and a lot of money.

Semantic SEO: To obtain the same optimize your page for the targeted Keywords. Once this is done cover subtopics related to this keyword, this way the search engines can fully understand the topic of your page. And now the chances increase for higher ranking.

Create long pieces of Content: It has been proved that content around 1800 words overpower a 300 words content. Long posts work well because they showcase a piece of in-depth information for searchers. And do not worry they work well with mobile devices too.

There are many cutting-edge SEO techniques for your website that are actionable. Try out the above-mentioned techniques to Rising to the Top of the search results.