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Increase click through rate

A significant aspect of online marketing is reaching out to the right audience and expanding the viewer base. That one metric is through organic search technically termed as Organic Click- Through- Rate or simply Organic CTR.

 Without zoning out of the topic, let us discuss the aspects of improving organic CTR especially in Google.

What does Organic CTR indicate?

Organic CTR indicates the number of people who have clicked the link to your site. There are ways to allow someone clicking your website but the ones that happen without advertisements fall under organic CTR. 

So if a user had searched, your website appeared because of the Website SEO and simply not because of your advertising budget. The clicks that occur because of appearances in Google are what we call as a pure organic CTR.

How does Organic Click- Through- Rate matter?

By now, you know that websites that appear on the Google search results are viable to clicks that are more organic. In addition, more clicks induce more traffic towards your websites. When it appears on the first page of Google searches, you get more clicks and this considerably increases your business.

How to surface your expected Organic CTR?

If you just want to surface that expected Organic CTR for your website, focus on your efforts in these thirteen ways:

#1 Use Effective Meta-Descriptions

160 characters long clickable meta-descriptions make it unique to align with the content and reassure the user of its contents.

meta descriptation

#2 Add Structure Data

Entering Google SERP is possible through interactive content that is composed of structured data

key lime pie structured data

#3 Integrate Long-tailed Keywords

Long-tailed keywords add more web traffic so you need to organize them throughout the content to boost the organic searches.

Google autofill example

#4 Create visually effective content

Visually appealing content is worth the words and increases Organic CTRs to 42% across search engines and specifically in Google.

#5 Simplified titles

Create non-plagiarized page titles that are clickable and have keywords. Limiting within 60 characters, the titles will appear all at once glance.

methods unsound Google Search

#6 Descriptive URLs

Short and descriptive URLs easily comprehend and you can target it with proper keywords.


#7 Localize Content

With a drastic shift to more mobile searches than desktops, localized contents of a websites are essential for Google’s Organic CTR. Therefore, you need to cover both the bases.

#8 Enrich Snippets

These structured markups of data include images, ratings or review scores and all additional information which users click on impulse. Here the CTR rises and adds to the website traffic.

#9 Get to Google’s page 1

Optimizing the websites appearing on page 1 will be easier to increase organic CTRs. The farther are the websites it is more difficult to improve CTRs.

#10 Chooses the low CTR

Discover the lowest CTRs on your website and fix the noticeable flaws as it is easier to better the abnormally lower CTRs.

#11 Combine SEO keywords with emotional triggers

Emotions like adrenaline rush or fear and even disgust adds to creating irresistible triggers which may increase your clicks.

#12 Add Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs let users navigate to main categories. Then SEO comprehends the website hierarchy well and its appropriate keywords add to the SEO advantages.

breadcrumb navigation serp

#13 Improve loading Speed of Pages

Do not make it frustrating for the users to load your webpage as this will let users exit the site. Their exit rate will go uphill so improve the speed and develop an efficient website.

Field Data

Impact of CTR on Google rankings

Sources claim that the CTR does not matter in Google rankings. This has been repeatedly stated by the organization for a decade long time. But the developer page of Google provides confusing statements that relate if a user clicks a link, Google considers it for future ranking of the website. Thus, if you are to believe, believe the god. Google does consider CTR when it ranks websites.

Bottom Line: Organic CTRs do affect the website ranks and the SEO Company in India is fighting the battle to reach the top of the charts with their websites. Overwhelming algorithms are affecting the overall rank through the machine learning systems used by Google.

Be the unicorn and never settle for low Organic CTRs.